Magic is an engaging and truly unique way to entertain your friends and family on your wedding day. David Howell can provide you with an astounding array of close-up magic suited to your wedding requirements.

Weddings can be boring times for children, with lots of standing around waiting. Although David's magic is predominantly aimed at adults he has perfected a number of tricks that can be tailored for children of any ages, ensuring an enjoyable day for them and a stress-free time for you and their parents.

David was brilliant... he had so many people amazed by his tricks... very clever and a nice guy... an excellent choice and David helped make our day special. I would recommend David for any event, he has talent!
— Emma Anderson, Bride

David will happily fit into your plans for your wedding, however through experience he has found that there are three key times where magic works best:

During the photos

David acts as the perfect ice-breaker. Whilst you and your partner are whisked off with your close family for your photos, the remainder of your guests will be alone, waiting for the next part of the day. David can entertain those who are waiting their turn to be photographed with you, turning that lull into a memorable experience for your guests.

During the wedding breakfast

David moves from table to table performing a short show for each group, including one or two special tricks for the top table. It's the perfect entertainment as David's act is completely self-contained; he can visit each table without getting in the way of the catering staff. David's magic will be a great talking point and will have your guests laughing and chatting for the rest of evening.

During the evening reception

David can offer the perfect entertainment to those who perhaps don't want to dance, or even to those waiting at the bar. Close-up magic adds a fantastic wow factor to the evening.

Contact David to see how he can make your special day magical for all...